A Dominican--A Hound of the Lord

I have just come off a month of dog duty. I walked Tiger, the dog, early morning and late evening.  Made sure he got his medicine two times a day. and enticed him to do what was needed by offering treats. Today when I walked alone I remembered that St. Dominic was often symbolized by a hound with a torch in its mouth.  Check it out!  https://churchpop.com/2017/08/07/hounds-of-the-lord-the-little-known-meaning-of-the-dominican-dog/

I learned that the nick name for all Dominicans is “Hounds of the Lord.”  It means I am to run through the world and set it on fire with the WORD of the LORD. 

I learned some attributes of hounds from observing Tiger.
·      Search for evidence of where people are to be found
·      Examine things carefully to see if they are true
·      Sprint toward people and things with which to make contact
·      Walk in loving companionship with others who are called to be Hounds of the Lord

So what do you think?

Is “Hound of the Lord” a good title for Dominicans who you know?

What characteristics might you add?

Do you have a nose for being a Hound of the Lord?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison, WI


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