Getting to know someone you will never meet

Recently, I was at a funeral for a family member of a friend.  I never knew the person who had died but wanted to be present on the friend’s behalf.

Toward the end of the service there was a eulogy given that painted as inspiring picture of the life of this beloved family member.

As the life story unfolded, it was apparent how my friend is now one who inspires others with her generous heart.  She had been mentored since her birth within her family.

I came away up lifted and inspired as well.  I got to know someone whom I will never meet.  This person’s life story returns to me and encourages me to seek God’s grace for growth.  Interesting how one life may touch another without ever having met.

Oh yes, there are lots of celebrities or “rock stars” that have an impact on our lives.   There may be a big name person who inspires us but there are many others whose quiet lives have the capacity to bring beauty and grace to the world. 

Who are among “the quiet lives” around you that inspire you?  May you have the benefit of their life long wisdom.


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