Love in the Midst of Everyday Life

I love Summer not for the usual reasons we hear proclaimed, but because that is the season of many celebrations of who we are as Dominicans of Sinsinawa: Community Days, Jubilees, Receptions, and Professions.  Community Days is a time we come together as a community to pray, study, plan for the future of our Congregation, and re-connect with one another.

This past weekend after having said “goodbye” to the sister friends who live far away from the motherhouse where I am in ministry, as I was sorting through papers that had accumulated in my book bag, I came across a reflection I had composed 9 years ago in preparation for Final Profession.  Quite frankly, I was “blown away” by what I had written.  
The Spirit had certainly been with me during the creation of that document. 

Among the many thoughts I found in the reflection was a question one of the sisters in my discernment circle had asked me, “What did you learn through your experience of living with the community in Spokane?”  I had replied, “I learned how much the sisters loved me, and I learned that I loved the sisters deeply.” 

That still holds true for me.  I see it in us especially when we gather for Community Days, Jubilees, Receptions, and Professions.  Despite or perhaps because of the diversity of our personality types, upbringings, gifts, strengths, and shortcomings, we love and support each other as we travel together along the often times bumpy and bruised way of everyday life.

What or who gets you through the bumpy times of life?
Where do you find your support system?

Anne Sur OP
East Dubuque, IL


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