That’s a Lot of Remembering…

In April I went to my 50th class reunion at Dominican College of San Rafael in California.  I had a blast!  I stayed with my friend (of 50 years!), Patty, and her husband, Phil.

Then in June, because I was a transfer student from then Rosary College, later Dominican University, I also went to their reunion.

In between there was a smaller reunion of my classmates from high school.  We celebrated our 50th reunion in 2014.
And then there is a reunion of parish consultants from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in August, to which I’ll also go.

That is a lot of remembering!  Especially when you consider all the 50s in there!

What do you remember?
Are you willing to go back there?

Ruth Poochigian, O.P.
Madison, WI 


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