Floating on Lake Michigan 
Saint Dominic is known for his dedication to community, prayer, and study.  He is also known for his deep sense of joy.  Joy is a characteristic that both comes naturally and must be cultivated. Especially now!  I believe we have a gospel imperative, a mandate if you will, to be joyful.  And, I don’t mean Pollyanna.  I mean full of humor, with a leaning for fun.  Joy delights and finds goodness all around.  Joy seeks laughter.  It is contagious.   

What gives you joy?  Is it a good book?  Is it the company of treasured friends?  Is it a magnificent sunrise?  Is it a delicious treat?  I find joy in anything to do with water.  Some of my happiest moments throughout my life involve swimming, or just being in water.      

Being a joyful person allows you to bring joy to others.  This is an ingrained Dominican trait – spreading joy. 

What has given you joy lately?  How have you spread that joy?  

Peggy Ryan, OP
River Forest, IL


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