Hugging A Cedar & Hugging Ourselves

This past week I had a wonderful retreat opportunity.  I was gifted with a week up at Whistler in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  It is located very near the Pacific coast, north of Vancouver, British Columbia.  Geologically it is an amazing area with gorgeous woods, glens, snow-covered mountains, wild life that all intermingles inside and outside of oneself. 

One afternoon, I and a friend went on a guided eco hike through the misty rainforest.  I got to stand and be at one with a very tall, (60 foot) old cedar.  I saw the place where First Nation peoples gently took a small piece of the cedar bark to make their clothing and basketry. They then gave thanks and were careful to not do enduring damage to this regal friend of theirs.  Mostly there was the quiet and the rush of water to invite me to deepen that inner quiet, so I might delight in the outer and inner creative work of the Divine.

What invites you to pause?  How do you breathe in ancient nature?  What does this teach you about loving and caring for the Earth and yourself?  This autumn we all are worthy of hugging a cedar. 

KC Young, OP
Kirkland, WA


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