Now I Know What Saints Are!

Recently, our country experienced one of the most devastating floods in its history.  In three days 250.2 mm of rain fell!  Many homes were inundated with water.  Numerous families lost everything as flood waters rose to as high as 7 feet in some areas! 

But almost instantly, floods of relief poured in.  Persons heroically braved the weather and the water to rescue those trapped in their homes using every which way imaginable.  Others in the private and corporate sectors provided free goods and services for the victims of the flood, to a degree that far exceeded the level of the flood waters!  

How hopeful I became when I saw goodness, truth and beauty shining out in the faces of the thousands who came out to help their fellow citizens in a time of need. 

A little girl wondered what a saint might be. One day her mother took her to a great cathedral to see the gorgeous stained-glass windows with scenes from the Bible. When she saw the beauty of it all she cried out loud, “Now I know what saints are. They are people who let the light shine through!”  

Happy Feast of All Saints! (November 1st) 

Gail Jagroop, OP
Woodbrook, Trinidad


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