From 2018 to 2019 – Where are we going?

One of the Gospel images of Jesus I have when I read and ponder scripture is that of being on the move. He is moving towards people (crowds, followers, religious leaders & even the Romans), moving people away from false claims and ideologies, calling people to move (stand and take up your mat) and more.

In our time and place, trusting that Jesus travels with us, where are we going together?

This past year, I continued to travel with people who yearned to hear the voice of God in their lives, to make sense of sad events and who wondered if they were worthy of God’s love.  I traveled with my Dominican congregation as we continue to look to the future needs we have together.  And these travels have not ended.

I also met up with fellow travelers in the concluding days of their cross country mission to bring the truth of the work we have to do in this country to ensure all are able to not only survive but to thrive.  Nuns on the Bus  journeyed from California to my ‘neighborhood’ of Palm Beach County for their final events including a drive by Mar-a-Lago, symbol of unbridled wealth.  (The picture is of some Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa on the last day of this journey.)

Into the new year, we all carry with us the travels of the last year.  Where have you and Jesus traveled in 2018 and where do you think you both are going in 2019?

Roberta Popara, OP
North Palm Beach, FL


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