Peace Amidst Intensity

I don’t know about you, but this time of the year tends to be exceptionally intense for me.  Keeping the “wheels on” in everyday life in addition to preparing for Christmas leads me down the path of overwhelming.  During my daily commute to the Mound, morning reflection time, and before I go to sleep each night I am praying, “God, let me serve with joy, and let me know your peace.”  Fortunately, our good and gracious God, in infinite kindness has bestowed peace and patience upon me.  

In addition, God has used both ordinary and exceptional events during Advent to remind me of what is really important.  One of those exceptional events occurred yesterday on Gaudete Sunday.  We were blessed with the perpetual profession ceremony of our Sr. Kathy Flynn.  What joy, peace, and excitement we experienced through the music, Word of God, preaching, and words of commitment during that ritual! In the program distributed to all attendees, Kathy expressed gratitude for all who had accompanied her in her life’s journey, including the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa who “model daily what it means to live faithful, loving, forgiving, and joy-filled lives – even in difficult and uncertain times.”    

How about you?
Who or what provides support and gives you peace?
Who models faithful, loving, forgiving, and joy-filled lives for you?

Anne Sur, OP
East Dubuque, IL


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