It's All About The Journey

For many January 6 is just the day to put away the Christmas decorations and/or contribute our tree to the community bonfire.  But wait!
What is this thing about some wise folks coming to see and then returning by a different way? When they found Jesus they offered their gifts.
January 6, (first Sunday) is the day MOSES, (Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity) invites all to a general meeting.  We catch each other up on how we are doing on the mission to change the criminal justice system.  How can the system honor the dignity of each person?
It is my job to find a clergy person to open the meeting with prayer/reflection.
This time I feel called to do the opening myself.  I am especially honoring our member congregations that partner with another that is different by race/culture. Then members from two congregations that are currently working on an event together lead us in the song, “Let there be peace on earth.”
I am asking each member to reflect on the gift she/he shares for the mission.  At the end we continue the journey perhaps by a different path.
What is your journey?  What is a special gift that you share with your community and with the world?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison Wisconsin


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