Happy National Catholic Sisters Week!

Here’s a rousing cheer of gratitude for all the wonderful Sinsinawa Dominican women I live among and also all our small “s” sisters whose partnerships make our mission in the world possible and full of meaning and joy. Women seem to share a deep concern for the earth and all earth’s people. Daniel Ladinsky in Love Poems from Godsays: “God has a special interest in women for they can lift this world to their breast and help [Him] comfort.” 
What an honor to answer the call to vowed religious life in community, have the privilege of ministering with strong committed women, and help God give comfort! 

Some of my favorite mission partners are women with whom I do jail visitation as part of the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants. We meet with detainees from all over the world, but especially now from Central America and Mexico. We are a compassionate human presence for people who have experienced terrible trauma at home, during their perilous journeys here, and who are separated from their families. We feel privileged to be with them.

How do you help God comfort the world?

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Erica Jordan, OP
Kenosha, WI


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