Do you ever have a moment of ....

Do you ever have a moment of ‘communion’ that you know you must take notice of?  It is not quite an ‘ahaa’ moment.  Rather it is a sort of soul-stirring that can make one ponderous, curious, scratching one’s head and insistently aware.
Easter Wednesday I kept thinking about my friend ‘Pam’.  She was a thousand or so miles away from me.  She lived with a debilitating and life-threatening disease. It was no longer easy for her to talk on the phone.  So occasionally I would send her a phone text.  Easter Wednesday morning I sent her a text writing ‘a gentle hug and my love. . .no need to reply’.  The very next day I learned that she had requested an ambulance ride from the hospital back to our Motherhouse.  Once ‘home’ Pam quickly and quietly breathed her last.
What I failed to recognize is that Pam had in fact ‘initiated the contact', this communion.  It was her life-loving spirit who had nudged me into thinking about her.  It was in fact, Pam who was stirring me to be in last moments of communion with her.  What gift, what grace, what courage, what tenacity.  
What soul-stirring has come your way recently?  Who is calling whom?  And the message?  I believe it is ‘love’!  
KC Young, OP
Kirkland, WA


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