Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Three of us made up a local community for a number of years. Just recently we became four of us. The three of us left a residence in which we formed community in order to join another sister who now is able to live in the parish house where she works. How do I find all the things that I brought with me in boxes?  How do we form a new community?  

Prayer together is important.  Meals together are important.  In both prayer and celebration, we meet those that each of us has met as we have gone to the places where God called us—

                  o   The homeless person who came to the bookstore
o  The sister/brother ill with cancer   
o  The young person in the prayer group at prison, who was sentenced for life
o  The friend whose relative just died
o  The child in school who won’t drink his milk
o  Many friends and family members
In community we learn how to share with one another.  In community our relationships
expand, and we learn how to love one another as God loves.

Who is in your community?  Is it expanding? Want to try Dominican community?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison WI


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