Surprises happen to us all the time. Sometimes they are small, like
walking into a Ben and Jerry's and finding out they are giving away
free samples of their newest flavored ice cream. But sometimes they
are significant, and then you wonder if God is behind the surprise.
This is what I experienced recently.

I had moved to the Mound, our motherhouse, last November, expecting to live there for a number of years. I had settled in and was beginning to be asked to help in various ways. But then, unexpectedly, in April I was made aware of a need for someone to move to a house in another city. What was this about? Was I really being asked to be uprooted so soon? I went to visit the community, I prayed about it, and in the end I felt God was calling me to answer this need.

Was it hard to leave the motherhouse? Yes, but I knew that if God was behind the surprise I would receive all the graces I needed to begin anew in another location. And that is exactly what happened. I am truly blessed.

How have you been surprised recently in a significant way?

Marie Lucek OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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