The Time of Jubilee

Last weekend I enjoyed celebrating the Diamond Jubilees of 26 women. The festive celebrations, with colorful decorations, and joyful music, and delicious food created an atmosphere of “jubilation.” Smiles were contagious along with well wishes and lots of storytelling.

This time last year I was busy sending out invitations for my Golden Jubilee. I am so glad I am on the other side of my jubilee. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my jubilee very much. But, do you ever realize the deeper meaning of something after you have experienced it? 

Jubilee is a year-long celebration. It has its roots in the Jewish tradition. (Leviticus 25:8-12) A year of jubilee was announced with trumpet blast and was heard throughout all the land. Every fifty years marked a jubilee year. It was a consecrated year when all debts were forgiven. The peoples were set free. Jubilee is a fresh new start. 

The tradition of jubilee is alive in our Judeo-Christian lives. Women and men religious honor their call from their loving and faithful God by celebrating jubilee. As we honor God, we renew our vows and experience new life and joy in our lives.

My year of jubilee has been an opportunity to deepen my commitment to God, to my sisters, to the church and world. When I celebrate jubilee now I am profoundly aware that God is doing great things every year, continually calling us to holiness.

You may want to read the stories of our jubilarians on our website.

Come, rejoice!

Mary Therese Johnson, OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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