Stuff, Etc.

There’s a new consignment shop near where I live that’s called “Stuff, Etc.” What a perfect title for my life at this time!  I’m in the process of moving out of one house while a friend moves into my former house. We go back and forth with boxes and boxes and boxes. Do you want this set of pots and pans? Here, take these cleaning supplies. It’s become overwhelming. 
Years ago, before I entered the congregation, each Sister was required to pack up her belongings so everything fit into a trunk…yes, one trunk! She left in June and went off to her summer assignment. In August she received a letter indicating her next assignment. If it was the same one, she went home and unpacked her trunk. If it was elsewhere she went directly to her new home and her trunk was shipped to her. Simple? Yes! Liberating? I think so!  Is it possible to return to that tradition? Is it possible to let go of all of the stuff that surrounds us and practically buries us? What would it take? What would Jesus do?
Mary Ellen Green OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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