Being in the Here and Now

Trying to be fully present and live in the here and now is not as simple as it sounds.  For many months I have been trying to practice mindfulness, which in my simple understanding is being fully present to each moment of the day, and also being fully aware of what I am doing at the present moment.  After months I am still trying to achieve this seemingly simple task!  My struggles in this area tells me how often it is so easy for me to live in the past or the future and not remain in the here and now.
Recently I attended a three-day conference on being fully present in the here and now.  This conference focused on persons in leadership positions and how many times we have feelings, assumption, myths and how they usually become our beliefs and how I can act out of those beliefs.  Many times, those beliefs are a fallacy or fantasy, because they began with the wrong hypothesis.  This is how various forms of prejudices and ‘isms’ begins, namely; sexism, racism, ageism and others.
At the conference we were asked to explore these feelings, assumptions, myths and beliefs coming out of what was happening in the present moment as we gathered as a body.  It was amazing what unfolded within each of us as we shared openly.  This helped me to come to the realization that if I am serious about building relationships and truly becoming who I was created to be, it is vital that I explore my various feelings, assumptions, myths and beliefs and how I am operating out of them in the present moment.
To be in relationship with others is to hold and recognize the differences within myself and within others.  It means appreciating and loving the differences within myself and in others, because this is what makes us a whole system.  All systems need differences to survive and it is the same with us human beings.  Like it or not we were purposely created different, we need to embrace those differences to be fully human. 
What are the differences that you’re being called to hold and appreciate?
How are you being present to the here and now in your daily life?
Lystra Long OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad


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