Is this right?

This past week as I drove to a meeting, I saw trees with colorful autumn leaves peeking through snow laden branches and thought “This isn’t right!”  This past week I worked through my November calendar and kept adding lines for meetings and events and “to do” items that have seemingly popped up out of nowhere and thought, “This isn’t right!”  This past week I determined to tackle that closet with doors that can barely close but it is still a mess and I say to myself, “This isn’t right!” 

Do you too ever think there is too much to do in your life, too much stuff in your life, too little time in your life, and it isn’t right? Ain’t it great to be human!  When we get stuck on this track of grousing about all there is to do and wondering how to find time (it’s normal and natural), we must stop and find the deep calming center in it all.  We must stop to breathe in and breathe out the Spirit, to realize that all the “whats” are because of the “whos” – and that all time and those in it are God’s good gift to us to savor!

Priscilla Wood OP
Dubuque, IA


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