Weaving a Life

Recently I have taken up weaving as a kind of hobby. I’ve never been one to be creative with my hands and I figure I’d better learn to do something like that before I get old. That’s a joke, actually, because the fact is that I AM old at age 74, almost. So here I am moving the weft through the warp and seeing emerge a really lovely piece of fabric. What’s best about weaving is that it is done slowly, rhythmically, back and forth, back and forth. It’s like breathing – quiet and beautiful and life-giving.
It occurs to me that my weaving experience is like my life as I enter into the last chapter, the one we call “old age.” Each day, each moment comes after the other, creating an image of color and texture that reflects the process in my mind, my emotions, my body.  Each thread is new word or feeling or idea or question about life. It’s a kind of inner journey reflected outside of me. 
What are you weaving these days? How do you name the threads? 
Mary Ellen Green, OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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