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Learning Across the Miles

In my March 2020 post I shared about being a life-long learner. In Dominican life we are encouraged to cultivate a love for learning. Little did I realize that my learning experiences would expand immediately when the pandemic became widespread. We have sheltered in place at the Mound since March 18, 2020. 

I’m on an adventure--learning to navigate the world of technology. I’ve participated in virtual Community Days, retreats, classes, webinars, book group, family meetings, a wedding, and birthday parties. I feel more connected with the world. An abundance of resources are available via the internet. At times I am overwhelmed and fatigued by it all. Mostly I am energized by all that has opened up for me since March. 


Now I am looking forward to a new learning opportunity within the Dominican Family. Two Dominican sisters from Vietnam are participating in a process that will prepare Tuyet Pham for perpetual profession. Although I have ministered with women in discernment about Dominican life, facilitating this process will be a brand new experience. I will enter into relationship with Dominican Sisters of a culture that is new to me. My heart is open to learning about and sharing Dominican life and culture. Together we-- Tuyet, Vong, and I-- will “stir into flame the gift of God” that will strengthen each of us in our Dominican vocation.


How are you being changed by what you are learning?



Mary Therese Johnson, OP

Sinsinawa, WI 


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