Letters to Lent, continued

Dear Lent,

After reading Roberta’s correspondence with you, I decided to follow her lead.  We’re almost halfway through our time together, and I must admit… it’s taking me a little longer to warm up to you than I would like. 

I greeted you this year as I typically do, with an enthusiastic brainstorm session resulting in about twelve ideas for resolutions.  However, after reflecting on our encounters in previous years, I thought it wise to choose just one.  This year, my resolution centers around fasting from mindless activities (especially technology-related!) in order to “feast on” real, deep, intentional time with others and in prayer.

I expected that once I gave up certain activities I would find it so much easier to do the things that matter, but I’ve found myself just as distracted and “busy” as ever.  It turns out the conversion I need is an inner one, and that takes a little longer than a few weeks.  You’ve been hard on me this year, Lent, but I have a hunch you’re showing me a little tough love… and I trust that you and I will see this thing through.


p.s.- Don’t feel too bad if I’m ready to say goodbye when the time comes.


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